Where to Store your Pandora Bracelet

Silver pieces will tarnish over a period of time. This will happen faster, especially when they are not cleaned at all times. Additionally, it tarnishes faster when it is mixed with substances like salty air, skin creams, sulfur, perfume, chlorine and hairspray.

Proper must-haves in cleaning Pandora bracelet

Not only that you safely clean your Pandora bracelet, but also you need to use the proper cleaning materials so that it will not undergo any damages. Polished clothing is useful in freshening up your Pandora bracelet and any kind of jewelry.

Soap and water is also another good agent in cleaning your Pandora bracelet. Make sure that it is lukewarm water mixed with mild soap and thoroughly clean the bracelet. Soft toothbrush is an excellent tool in cleaning intricate and very delicate bracelet beads especially that the beads are silver pieces.

Never expose your Pandora bracelet to any liquid silver cleaner or other harsh chemicals. Keep in mind that when you expose your Pandora jewelry to chemicals that are meant to clean and freshen up jewelry. Cleaning substances for jewelries may change the color of the beads. Moreover, it can damage organic parts of the jewelry, especially when it is leather, pearls or wood.

Storing your Pandora bracelet

After successfully cleaning your Pandora bracelet, the next problem you will face is where to store your Pandora bracelet.

When the bracelet is not worn out, you should remember that it must be stored separately in a lined and protective box or a pouch that is tarnish-resistant. If you do not have a lined box, then you can keep your Pandora bracelet in a plastic zip locked bag made out of polyethylene or Mylar.

Always be reminded that your Pandora bracelet should not be stored in the bathroom. When you store it in your bathroom, for sure the beads and pieces will tarnish faster because of the humidity present and to the sulfites. Sulfites in the bathroom are typically found in some toilet freshener sets. Never use bags that are made of polyvinyl plastics like garbage bags because they contain sulfur compounds. This makes the silver pieces tarnish even faster.

You may want to store your Pandora bracelet inside its gift boxes. You can do this; however take note that the gift boxes of Pandora are not suitable for long-term storage. Keeping the Pandora bracelet inside its gift box for a long period of time will greatly affect the jewelry to tarnish faster, which is equivalent when it is out of the box. The Pandora bracelet gift boxes are not made to protect your Pandora jewelries. They are not airtight. Two of the main factors why silver pieces and beads easily tarnish when not stored is because of air and humidity. They are the main culprits as to why your Pandora bracelet tarnishes easily and in a fastest way.