Cheapest place to buy Celine, Rome, Paris or London?

There are few things I learn when it comes to buying Celine in Europe. If you are like me deciding whether to buy it from Paris, Rome or London. Following are tips that you must read before heading down.

  1. Prices in Paris and Rome are more or less the same even though some may tell you it is cheaper in Paris because afterall Celine is a french brand but if you consider that you only get 12% VAT refund in Paris while 12.5 to 13% in Italy. It will work out to the same so it might be cheaper to get the bag from Italy. Also Celine bags are made in Italy no matter where you buy them. You can get it in France but it´s still going to be made in Italy.
  2. You get better selection in Rome or Florence compared to Paris but in all these cities you have lots of department stores that carry Celine.
  3. Don’t make the mistake of buying Celine in London as it is expensive there.
  4. Oh before I forget to say since everyone is rusing to buy their Celine in Paris, you can only purchase one luggage style bag (nano, micro, mini, phantom) within 6 months. Also, the stock in Paris is very unpredictable and limited. In italy, you can choose 1 luggage and one trapeze.
  5. If you are in Paris, you can buy Celine bags at the department stores like: Gallerie Lafayette and Printemps!You will be surprise to learn that these boutiques have better range compared to Celine boutiques.

So if you ask me where I would buy my Celine, my answer is Rome or Italy.