Cheapest place to buy Chanel Handbag … Europe, London, USA, Asia, Hong Kong or Singapore?

If you have to choose which country to buy your Chanel bag, which country will offer you the lowest price? Is it in Europe? USA ? Hong Kong or Singapore?

With the prices of Chanel bags steadily increasing, most girls are itching to get their hands on one of the iconic bags sooner rather than later. Even if you’re committed to the big purchase, it wouldn’t hurt to save a few hundred bucks with a bit of research and geographic know-how.

Two major factors to consider:

  1. Currency Rates between your local currency vs the country currency you are visiting
  2. Tax Refund policy in the country you are buying to from.

If you planning to buy Chanel in Europe & London  …

If you’re a tourist in the EU you can even get an addition 13% discount as part of the VAT refund that they offer to non-EU citizens. London’s Heathrow Airport Terminal 3 is also a haven for those who are interested in the newer Chanel bag designs (not the classic flap designs, which they don’t stock anymore). Shopping in Heathrow also means you save an automatic 20% since the prices exclude VAT. However make sure to brush up on your foreign exchange knowledge. Remember: if you’re a tourist, the stronger the pound is in the market, the less your savings will be so if Euro is weaker compared to Pounds versus your local currency, please buy it in Europe.


If you planning to buy Chanel in America …

The United States Government does not refund sales tax to foreign visitors so if you are planning to buy your Chanel there, take into account of the different sales tax rates per state in the US.

City sales taxes are Birmingham, AL (10%), Montgomery, AL (10%), Long Beach, CA (9.75%), Los Angeles, CA (9.75%), Oakland, CA (9.75%), Fremont, CA (9.75%), Chicago, IL (9.75%), Glendale, AZ (9.6%), Seattle, WA (9.5%) and San Francisco, CA (9.5%).

The best place to buy Chanel is Alaska as there is no sales tax but that is if you can find a Chanel outlet there. IMO, USA is the worst place to buy Chanel.

If you planning to buy Chanel in Asia …

Lastly, with the luxury market skyrocketing in Asia, designer goods are now priced at a premium compared to European prices so it’s not as advisable to purchase the likes of Chanel in Asia as many Asians are flocking to Europe to buy them. But if you’re dying to get your hands on that coveted Chanel purse, Hong Kong is still your best bet to score a better deal on a Chanel bag compared to Singapore, Malaysia and other Asian countries. Hong Kong’s tax exceptions and less stringent regulation policies help keep the prices of designer items relatively competitive to Western regions.


The best place to buy Chanel is Heathrow airport, Terminal 3 before you depart. You will not be charged any taxes at all however you run the risk of not finding what you want. Even though buying Europe allow to do tax refund, you do not get the full tax refund as there are service fees involved.

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