CloverSac – Bag Organizer Review

CloverSac is a company that specialise in designing and manufacturing Bag organizer or some called it Purse Insert. Based out in Singapore, it significantly reduce the shipment cost if you are buying within Asia. Cloversac also shipped internationally.

Other than Bag organizers, CloverSac also sell other bag accessories such as Bag Base Shaper, Crochet handle cover, Bag Pillow Shaper, Bag hanger etc.

The bag organizer designed by CloverSac comes in 2 different sizes: The regular which is 12L x 7H x 6W (Inches) whereas the tall version is 11L x 8H x 6W (Inches). The key differenes between regular and tall are they number of pockets that each has. The regular version has 8 external pockets and 9 internal pockets including zipped pocket whereas the tall version only has 6 external and 2 internal. If you someone that has many stuff to organize, the regular will fit you better. If you someone that want to keep it simple, you may wish to consider the tall version.

Following is an example of how well the regular version (Red) fit into a Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM





IMG_0402 (Medium)

IMG_0406 (Medium)

Another signature products from CloverSac are their base shapers which are available in various sizes. CloverSac strength over their competitors is the weight of the base shaper, CloverSac base shapers are much lighter compared to what is available currently in the market. A weight comparison show that CloverSac beat their competitor by almost 50% when it comes to weight for certain model. See test result below:



For more information on the bag accessories carried by CloverSac, do visit them at