CloverSac vs Samorga, Purse Organizer Reviews

Cloversac and Samorga are two popular purse organizer inserts in the market today. In this article, we shall feature a few key differences and similarities between these two organizers.

Before we start making comparison, let first examine how the two organizers differ in design.


Here is another interior view of these two organizers.


In term of structure, CloverSac provide a more sturdy design compared to Samorga. Look at how the overall structure of CloverSac hardly change even when Samorga organizer is stacked on top of it.


CloverSac uses plastic cards to maintain its shape while Samorga is made of thick felt. For CloverSac, these plastic cards are inserted at the side walls and the base.

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The key difference between these two organizers is the huge price gap between both. If you planning to find a purse organizer for a Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 or Neverfull MM, CloverSac will recommend their Emma 28 purse organizer that cost only USD$22 while the custom-made purse organizer for either Speedy 30 or Neverfull MM by Samorga would probably cost you between USD$49 to USD$50. The reason behind this huge difference in price is because Samorga is custom-made while CloverSac purse organizer comes in general sizes. Following are the sizes and dimensions that are available for CloverSac.


If there is a league for purse organizers, CloverSac and Samorga would probably belong to a different league, CloverSac belong to the general sizes purse organizer league alongside with other popular brands such as Purse to Go or Chameleon Insert where their organizer prices range between USD$25 to USD$30 while Samorga belong to a custom-made purse organizer league alongside with Divide and Conquer and Mai Tai where their organizers prices range between USD$50 to US$100.

Both CloverSac and Samorga are pretty lightweight. Without the plastic cards, CloverSac weighs 200 gram (without the plastic cards) and 220 gram with the cards while Samorga weighs 200 gram.

The closest similarity between both designs is the centre removable compartment pockets that help to create slots for smaller items. CloverSac middle compartment comes with 4 slots while Samorga comes in two.


CloverSac’s middle compartment attached its to the organizer by having two snap buttons on the wall.


Samorga uses instead uses Velcro.


In term of pockets, Samorga has deeper pockets which is good for bigger items but it comes to smaller items, it could be a challenge to get it in and out.


CloverSac pockets come in various sizes and height which allow you to organize your small to large items.

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  • What I like about Samorga is it comes in more color and it is a perfect fit
  • What I don’t like about Samorga is it is made of felt which mean it is not really washable and the pockets are a bit too deep to reach for smaller items
  • What I like about CloverSac is it has various types of pockets of different height as well for small and big items making it easier organize my stuff inside my bag. It has more pockets in the centre as well. CloverSac has guaranteed that the fabric they use possess good colorfastness so to prevent the fabric color from staining the interior of my bag. The plastic cards also help to turn the organizer from structure to non-structure easily.
  • What I don’t like about CloverSac is it comes in only two color red and beige and 4 general sizes.

In my opinion both organizers are great especially if you are looking for a lightweight and structured organizer.  If budget is a concern, CloverSac would probably fit the bill but if you are looking for an organizer with a perfect fit and don’t mind paying double the price, Samorga is probably a better choice for you.

For more reviews and comparison, check out the following YouTube video where they compare these two very popular brands