Coach Leather Cleaner Review

The New Coach Leather Cleaner is a new formula specially developed for the Coach brand. It is intended to prolong the lifespan and retain the natural look and elegance of certain leather goods, particularly the ones made from smooth leather such as those of the Legacy, Madison and Poppy Collections.   It is important to note that it is advised not to use the leather cleaner on the following types of leather:

  • Patent
  • Suede
  • Haircalf
  • Metallic
  • Vachetta
  • Genuine Exotics

To better evaluate the efficacy of the product, let us examine some of the comments given by some buyers from Amazon and members of PurseBlog Forum that have used and tested this purse cleaning product.

On a positive note, there were quite a number of good reviews at Amazon and the purse forum commenting that the leather cleaner “works great,” and that it is “the best cleaner.”   Some mentioned that it was “easy to use, cleans extremely well” and does not bring any damage to the color of the leather. Another user said it was “awesome” as it removed all the stains from her leather products, however, she noted that drying takes overnight instead of just 30 minutes which is what was indicated on the bottle.   One user did mention too that it had worked well on her Coach and canvas totes.

On the other hand, about a handful of customers viewed the cleaner differently.   One customer was disappointed as it did not remove the dirt from her brand new Coach purse.   Some, while again not mentioning what type of leather they had applied it on, said that it was “useless,” and “garbage.”   One customer said that she had used it on her leather bags which had something spilled on it and another had color transfer from her blue denim, and after application, nothing changed, the stain and the color transfer didn’t even lighten a bit.   Another user was very disappointed as she recounted her experience of having her red Coach leather Legacy bag accidentally spilled with chocolate sauce, and she was advised by the lady in the Coach store (San Francisco) to use the Coach Leather Cleaner and moisturizer, which she ordered but then arrived only after some weeks. When she got it she followed the directions but she said that the result was “it made the stain 100x worse and absolutely ruined the bag.”

One customer noted that on the website there had been advise not to use on grease stains but there was no such warning on the bottle. It was not explicitly displayed on the Product Page, it was under Product Care & Repairs and it said, “We do not suggest the cleaners or moisturizer be used on ink, grease or oil stains.”

It would best to find all the precautions on the product and test this cleaning product on a small hidden area before using it on the entire handbag, even if it is just mentioned on the Coach website, because the bottle may not bear all the warnings and results may vary from bag to bag.