Coach signature fabric cleaner review

The Coach Signature Fabric Cleaner was specially designed for Coach Signature products such as:

  • Classic Signature
  • Mini Signature
  • Optic Signature
  • Signature Stripe
  • Signature sateen
  • Op Art sateen.

It is also recommended for other items made from the same fabric as the Coach Signature merchandise mentioned earlier.

Caution is advised against using the Coach Signature Fabric Cleaner on the following materials:

  • All leather bags/trims
  • All suede and treated suede bags/trims
  • Hair calf fabrics with metallic finishes including Lurex fibers
  • Twill
  • Straw
  • Nylon
  • Denim
  • Satin/Plysatin
  • Wool
  • Fabric with laminated finishes

Costing $10 excluding delivery, let’s see how well this product performed according to the consumers.

Most of the customer feedback from Amazon and the comments made by the members of PurseBlog forum were positive. One said, that it had “worked perfectly,” and that after cleaning it made her purse look as if it was brand new, while, another said it made her bag look as clean as it was when it was new. Another mentioned that it did well in cleaning off the heavy dust from their loveseat made of light fabric. Another commented that it was excellent with removing fresh small stains, while fair with addressing darker and bigger stains. There was a comment about how well it worked to remove the jeans’ color transfer (which had been there for two years by then) from a siggy duffle. Still another added that a small amount goes a long way, saying that a pea size amount of the cleaner can clean an entire small bag.

Now moving on to the negative feedback. One of the major complaints was with spillage from delivery. In one instance, the user said it was delivered with the top loose so it spilled. A second user said that when it came, the container was damaged and it caused a leak. And still, another claimed that the cleaner was open when it arrived and she complained that there was no seal to ensure product was not tampered with nor any literature on how to properly apply the product. When it comes to its effectiveness when it comes to clean, one buyer from Amazon claimed that it doesn’t take off all types of stains. Another buyer expressed dismay stating that she got the cleaner as it was recommended for her Coach Signature bags, but was dismayed because it turned out to be an expensive cleaning product that “doesn’t work.” Also, one customer revealed that even after following the instructions carefully, her pastel purple Coach bag still ended up looking dirty.


To sum up the points, the cleaner is recommended for specific types of fabric only, as listed above. It seems to work for removing stains, when the stains are relatively new. Its cleaning properties are commended but only for the limited types of fabric as earlier enumerated. The product is best when bought directly (if possible) to avoid spillage from mishandling/tampering in deliveries. Users can also provide feedback to Coach to allow them to improve their product packaging and delivery conditions for future transactions.