Dust cover bags for purses recommendation

Dust cover bag normally comes free when you buy a handbag, it is something that you can’t buy even if you are willing to pay for it. That is why if you are looking to buy an extra one, you probably need to buy it third party suppliers

There are many  third party companies that does dust cover bag, this include companies like CloverSac and Miacotone. Even the popular home and furnishing online website, Containerstore, sell dust cover bags on their website. You can also try ETSY, if you are looking at customised sizes and hand-crafted dust cover for your handbags. Bear in mind that not all dust bag are the same. The reason why some dust bag cost only USD3.00 while other cost USD30.00 is the choice of fabric. Look at the different types of fabric that is used to make dust cover bag below.


In this article, we had the opportunity to review the dust cover bag designed by CloverSac. One of the reason why CloverSac Dust Cover Bag is so popular these days is because all their dust cover bags are made from high-end bed linen fabric which is 100% cotton and 300 thread counts.Yes 300 thread counts which is the same material used to make your bed sheet and pillow cases.


The two reasons why CloverSac chose such high-end bed linen fabric are they want their dust cover bags to be breathable and smooth. Why using breathable fabric is so important is because leather handbag that are stored inside the dust cover bag needs to breathe to prevent it from molding. By using 100% cotton which is a very breathable fabric, it allows air to flow in and more easily. In contrast, storing your handbag in thick fabric should be avoided as it escalate the growth of mold due to the poor ventilation.


It hard to tell by just looking at it but it does feel extremely soft and light. It provides a great alternative if you are using pillow case to store your handbag


The Dust cover bag can also be used as a bag pillow shaper to keep your handbag during storage.  If you are stuffing your handbag with acid free tissue paper like below


All you need to do now is to fill the dust cover bag by CloverSac with acid free tissue paper and then stuff it inside your handbag.


Please visit http://www.CloverSac.com if you are interested to buy their Dust Cover Bag