Is it cheaper to buy Louis Vuitton in Paris?

Are you one of those Crazy Louis Vuitton fans, looking for the places and ways to buy Louis Vuitton cheap? Well, if you are then you must keep reading.

There are billions of Louis Vuitton lovers around the world and at most of them are looking for an answer to the question “is it cheaper to buy Louis Vuitton in Paris or other parts of Europe”. Well, Paris is the home of Louis Vuitton, it is not obvious enough all tags have this “Make in France” on it. And since all Louis Vuitton handbags are manufactured in France and then sent to other countries, it gives many the idea that it is much more expensive if you plan to buy a Louis Vuitton bag outside France. However this thinking is not entirely true. Most of the prices from Louis Vuitton is controlled and fixed to maintain its exclusivity. The last thing that Louis Vuitton want to do is to mass the market with bags that is why each visitors are allowed to buy limited number of bags.

So the actual saving you get when you buy in Paris or even other of Europe is the VAT refund, for example in France it is somewhere around 10-12% for Louis Vuitton.

So if you are planning a trip to Paris and thinking about buying your Louis Vuitton stock from there; here are some tips for you.

  • Check the VAT refund of each country in Europe, see below on the VAT refund for most countries in Europe. Take note that you will get the full refund as there is a processing fee involved.
  • Check the exchange rates if you are planning to go London, check your local currency exchange versus Pounds and Euro.
  • It is best to pay you in cash rather than credit cards as credit cards has the worse rates and some also charged administrative fee.
Click Here for updated Louis Vuitton price list for 2015 in UK, USA and France
Country VAT %
Austria 9.09-16.67%
Belgium 21%
Denmark 25%
Finland 17-22%
France 5.21-19.6%
Germany 7-16%
Greece 11.5-15.25%
Ireland 17.36%
Italy 4-20%
Luxembourg 15%
Netherlands 15.97%
Norway 24%
Portugal 19% (13% in Madeira and Azores)
Spain 16%
Sweden 25%
Switzerland 7.6%
United Kingdom 17.5%