Kangaroo Purse Organizer reviews

Nowadays it is much better to keep your bag organized since finding things in a mess takes a lot of time and most purses don’t have as many compartments as you need. One bag insert I found online was Kangaroo Keeper.

The insert comes in two sizes, a small one that’s about 9.5 inches in length while the large one 14 inches all in one set for approximately $10. It comes in black and tan colors which are very generic and matches most regular bag interiors. It is made out of polyester and has lots of pockets for specific organization needs.

Kangaroo Purse Organizer reviews 2

As much as I would like to have an organizer for my bag, the Kangaroo Keeper is not what I hoped for. The first thing you are going to notice is the smell, which is terrible that doesn’t go away after you air it out or wash several times. Even the strong detergents in the cleaners don’t work.

In terms of design, the generic colors are a good idea but the pockets otherwise. It has too many compartments fit in a single space that each one can only fit certain objects. An average-sized phone can only be placed inside its widest compartment and it’s a snug fit to boot. It would be better if they had wider ones to get rid of too many insertions.

In terms of structure, the insert doesn’t have any support to keep its form. If you are hoping on keeping your bag in shape with this product, you won’t get much. You can try inserting the smaller one to the bigger one to reinforce it, but that makes the spaces on the inserts less usable.

There have been countless complaints about how it’s flimsy for an insert, and I support that. You need to put something in the middle if you don’t want the sides to cave in. Loading one side of the compartments heavier than the other will also cause the entire insert to tilt and end up spilling several things in the process. Most of all, the material used is of very low quality. After a few months, you will start to notice small flecks of its skin inside your bag.

Overall, the Kangaroo Keeper insert is not as great as it sounds on the ads. If you are looking for a temporary solution to your purse clutter, it would be a good idea since it’s cheap. But I recommend that you replace it immediately once you get a sturdier insert since you don’t want it to fall apart in your purse and make more mess instead after some time.