Majestic leather conditioner and cleaner reviews

The Majestic Leather Cleaner and Leather Conditioner, unlike its competitors,  is made from ingredients, like neatsfoot oil,  that have passed the GreenScreen assessment and are said to be “100% eco-friendly.” The formulation was made with the intention of treating leather products like “royalty.”  Let’s examine if the leather treated with Majestic did indeed get a royalty treatment for your designer handbags.

It seems that a lot of buyers have given the Majestic  a try for on their designer handbags and purses were ecstatic about the results. For example a owner of a Coach Hobo style purse that looked like a prune before it was treated with Majestic leather conditioner and cleaner got its “luster and suppleness” back.  Other specific items with good results were a D&G purse, a Gucci Boston bag, and a Coach purse.

Though many have had good results, there were still some who did not experience the same with Majestic.   One buyer said that it failed to remove the red clay out of the white faux leather purse.  There were two reports of ink not being removed.  One buyer said that a cheaper brand worked better  on a pair of Cole Haan woven leather shoes.  And another complained that in order to get the effect she wanted, she had to apply the product three times, but the product did work.

It would seem that Majestic did make a lot of buyers pretty satisfied with their results from buyers at Amazon or comments made at PurseBlog Forum.  However, it does not prove effective for removal of clay or ink stains.  And for leather that bears more damage, more applications of the product will be required.  Overall,  the Majestic Leather Cleaner and Leather Conditioner seems to pass for treating a variety of leather products, “like royalty.”  Many users did say, it is “highly recommended.”