Meltonian all-purpose cleaner and conditioner review

Meltonian All Purpose Cleaner (Liquid), 5 Oz is a special wax free cleaner, formulated to keep your leather items clean and safe. This all-purpose cleaner is suitable for all types of leather grains, including gloved, distressed and smoother leather. The Meltonian cleaner is said to enhance the natural shine of the leather. You can also use it on products made of reptile skin.

How do you apply the Meltonian all-purpose cleaner and conditioner?

To start off, take your leather handbag or any other leather item and wipe off all the dirt with a soft cloth (preferably microfiber cloth) or a brush. Take your Meltonian cleaner bottle and shake it well before use. Apply a small quantity of the cleaner on the leather surface with the help of a cloth and work it into thick leather. Once you’re done with that allow the cleaner to dry for some hours. After that, just buff the surface with a soft cloth or brush. To be on the safe side, always try a small hidden spot first.

Reviews on Meltonian all-purpose cleaner and conditioner

According to most customer feedback at Amazon and comments made at Purse Forum, this cleaner really does clean and condition the leather well.

However it does has its drawbacks. For a 5 oz. product, the price $7.39 does seem a little high. Turns out that the company has doubled the price and downsized the product. The cleaner has a very unusual odor with a very thick consistency. The company has changed the formula and it’s not like the original one, so they are experiencing mixed results.

It’s recommended to opt for the original Meltonian cleanser. The new formula conditions the leather but it also fades the original shade of the product which is definitely a drawback. In the end, your own experience matters the most.