Michael Kors rain and stain repellent reviews

The Michael Kors Rain & Stain Repellent is especially designed for Michael Kors handbags and shoes but it commonly applied many other brands of handbags as well to protect the leather against rain spots. It creates a colorless, breathable layer that protects bags and shoes from rain, water spills, unwanted stains and sticky dirt. It can be applied to leather, suede, nubuck and fabrics.

Pros of the Product

Amazon reviews show that people who have used the product were amazed by its easy application. By evenly spraying and letting it dry, the surface is completely covered from water or stains that may cause permanent damage. Users claim that even their light-colored handbags have always looked as good as new, without a single mark or stain, because of this effective repellent.

According to posts in PurseBlog Forum, the repellent works on many kinds of surfaces aside from leather. The key is to ensure that the surface is clean and dry before spraying. According to users, lattice layer that covers surfaces works effectively that water only trails off instead of damaging the bag. When it comes to stains, just wipe with tissue and no trace will remain.

Cons of the Product

The Michael Kors Repellent rarely gained negative reviews. A user who posted a reply at the Purse Forum claims that the repellent caused a pebble leather bag some discoloration. However, another user claimed to have applied the repellent to a pebble leather bag with vegetable dye and still recommended the spray to others.

Varied results may be attributed to different methods of drying. After application, surfaces would need 24 hours before completely drying out.

Who Should Buy the Product

This repellent is specifically designed to be used for Michael Kors products like shoes and bags. It also recommended and guaranteed safe to use in plenty of different materials including vegetable dyed leather, pebble grain leather, goatskin, lambskin, patent leather, metallic leather, PVC and coated fabrics.

Conclusion and Recommendations

Indeed, the Michael Kors Rain & Stain Repellent is very effective in protecting handbags and shoes from unwanted water damages or permanent stains. With easy application, the invisible layer keeps the surface as good as new. However, the product works best when properly dried out.