Purse Insert Organizer Reviews

A purse organizer is something that ladies would like to buy and own. But ladies don’t immediately purchase a purse without browsing for another kind or brand, to make sure that it’s functional and worth its value. Some women go to one online shop to another and even read feedbacks and reviews of every purse organizer brand to get the best out of it.

There are a lot of brands in the market where you can choose the best purse organizer for your specific needs and preferences. In all the brands and kinds available, there are five outstanding purse organizers that most favored and preferred by ladies: Purseket, Purse to Go, Samorga, Divide and Conquer, and Chameleon handbag. Let’s check out each purse’s features:


This purse organizer is rigid, although it’s made of cotton, but has flexible inner padding that adjusts to the shape of the bag. It has multiple pockets, one pocket with a flap and has a key post. It has open design that allows expanding when necessary, especially when accommodating bigger items like a notebook, wallet or checkbook. It comes in different sizes – small, medium and large – all in rolled shapes.

Purseket organizer looks bulkier on the outside because of its rigidness. It’s not custom made but it has a variety of color and design, which you can choose from. It perfectly fits inside the bag and lessens the cluttering of items inside the bag. It’s functional for a price of between $17 and $24 depending on the size.


This purse organizer is fully structured and doesn’t slouch or loose although its material is poly silk. It’s a fully adjustable purse with a Velcro feature to load in a smaller purse inside. Unlike the open design of Purseket, Purse to Go has an enclose bottom, has several pockets and are reversible. It has 6 sizes: small, large, jumbo, extra jumbo, boxy-small and boxy-large. This purse organizer also comes in different colors and designs to choose from.

For a full utilization, Purse to Go has purse hooks, key finders and zip ups. The several pockets can be utilized for sectioning each item such as cell phones, keys, sanitary napkins, hand wallets etc. The items are held securely inside the purse because of its Velcro feature. Depending on the size, you can buy this purse between $21 and $46.


Unlike the two previous purses, this handbag organizer is made of felt, which is very thick and sturdy making it structured enough not to become lousy. It has multiple pockets for different items like lipsticks, cell phones, wallet, sunglasses etc. It also has an attached Velcro in the middle section, which means it’s removable. Detaching the middle section allows a bigger space and loads in bigger items such as large day planner, checkbook, notebook etc.

It also takes the shape of the bag that it makes organizing a lot easier. The size of the purse is properly proportioned to the items added in the purse. Samorga, unlike the two previous purses, has sizes that are specifically fitted for a Louis Vuitton or Celine bag. It also has other sizes for other sizes or types of bag. It doesn’t only organize items, but also it protects the bag’s interior. For a Samorga organizer, your $35 is worthy of its quality and functionality.


Unlike the previous purses featured Divide and Conquer organizer has pockets both inside and outside. It also has zippers to secure safety of items and dividers to section items. It has stand-up sides that make it non-flimsy on the inside. It comes in various colors and styles, and can be customized according to the user’s preferences. You can either choose a purse organizer with or without handles.

This purse organizer fits perfectly inside your handbag, designed for any size of bag like tote bags and clutch bags. Its smaller organizers can go without any pockets, zippers or divisions, just a standalone to shape up the bag. Its larger organizers have multiple pockets in and out, dividers and zippers. Divide and Conquer purse organizer comes in every color, texture, shape and size. This costs around $50 to $60 all in.


This is mainly made of leather and nylon that makes it durable and structured yet lightweight. It has all the pockets needed for every item you want to insert such as sunglasses, lipsticks, cell phones, wallet etc. There is an extra pocket for larger or bulkier items like iPads, notebooks or journals, which is an enough space in the middle.

It comes in various sizes: small, medium, large, extra large, extra large wide and tall narrow. It also has a variety of colors and models to choose from. Unlike the previous purses, Chameleon has models that have a detachable bag and some have built-in zippered cosmetic bag. It’s properly lined and structured in order for things not to be messy inside. Its price runs from $25 to $45.