Purseket organizer insert review

In this week reviews on Purse Organizer Insert, we shall take a look at the popular organizer known as Purseket.

To give you an idea of this organizer insert, it is basically a fabric sewn over a hard object that’s probably cardboard or something similar so it can snuggly fit on the walls of your bag. It’s shaped like a closed belt so the middle is hollow and the pockets are lined on the sides. It comes in different colors with either prints or solid block ones as well as four different sizes to fit most bags.


For the most part, the Purseket is a good choice for an organizer if you have a lot of small stuff like cards, car keys, tampons, pens and similar others. It has regular pocket sizes so a normal id or pass card would fit in just fine. A wallet would be a different story though.

It has quite a fragile appearance so it would be best to make sure you use it on a full purse since keeping the middle area hollow will definitely cause it to cave in. There is a place where you can put your key which is good, but don’t put too many of them because it weighs the structure down thanks to structural padding being a little flimsy.

For a general review on the purchase, the shipping cost and even the price for the product is a little high. If you take into consideration that it’s only made of fabric and a cardboard-like insert, even buying the large one won’t give you what your money’s worth. Also, it can be the fault of the shipper or the maker, but some items are delivered folded. Since the packaging is a soft rectangular plastic, piling things on top may be the cause. Once the Purseket is folded, it’s pretty much done for. The back of the packaging says so as well.

Lastly, since it’s pretty much an insert organizer, putting papers inside one of the pockets usually end up being folded on the tip. The pockets aren’t protruding but flat ones so if you’re in a hurry and have to put a piece of paper in it, you’ll have to precisely insert it in the pockets or you’ll end up folding a part.

As a conclusion, I believe the idea for Purseket is great. However, it needs a lot of improvement especially on the materials used. Also, the delivery problem should be addressed since there will be a lot of women who are going to be disappointed if they receive a defective product. Aside from these, it’s a good purse organizer.