PursetoGo: An Honest Reviews

Purse to Go is one of the popular bag organizer that is much raved at PurseBlog. It is a purse liner organizer that makes organizing and switching your stuff from one handbag to another effortlessly. This is a soft-sided purse organizer that lets you put and fit in things in the pockets. A usual purse is a mess, but when you own something like Purse to Go, then you’ll have a more carefree adventure through looking inside your purse and getting the thing you need.

Key features of a Purse to Go organizer:

  • Fully adjustable purse with distinctive Velcro feature to fit in a smaller purse inside
  • Pockets are reversible
  • Easy to use and durable
  • Well constructed: no more searching aimlessly for items inside
  • Several pockets
  • Zipper (for some models)

One good thing about this purse is its structure compared to a slouchy purse bag. This is a great bag for organizing your things that do not let you dig around to find your cell phone or a pen. It is also lightweight and is has the capacity to protect your things. Additionally, it can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth when it gets dirty.


This purse also has a lot of pockets too on the inside of the pouch, where you can put even smaller items. And if in case you want to transfer the small pockets, it is adjustable that folds over and is securely held in place with the use of its Velcro feature.

Purse to Go comes in three organizers: one small, one large and one jumbo purse. Although it seems too “big” to fit inside your bag, it does magic because it fits perfectly. With the large and jumbo purses, you can put in pocketbooks, hand wallet etc. Smaller things like keys, cell phone, sanitary napkins and wipes can easily be slipped into the small purse.

It has several pockets, which you can utilize for item sectioning. In this way, it would be easier for you to properly organize items in the purse. Not only that it organizes items in a proper way, but also your things are securely held inside the pockets and the purse itself and are all visible when opened.

This is a great buy for ladies. It comes in different colors and designs, as well as various sizes in order to fit any kind of hand or shoulder bag. It also has purse hooks, key finders and zip ups!