QVC Pursfection Portable Purse Organizer Reviews

There can only be so much that a girl can think of putting in her handbag. The thought of all your items tossing and turning inside each time you make a slight move can be very devastating – most especially if you have items you don’t want to be spilled or crumpled.

Nowadays, you can solve that problem by using a purse organizer. They are separate bag accessories that are used to serve as a removable divider inside the bag. They have pockets for small items and sometimes have a hard bottom to serve as added support to keep the bag’s shape.

One of these handy accessories is the Pursfection Portable purse organizer that offers 12 pockets and a zipper closure sold at QVC. With its different-size pockets, you can insert an array of small items. The varied size allows maximum hold on well-matched objects to make sure that they don’t fall out of place even with rough movement. The middle section is wide enough to fit long objects like a wallet or even a planner. It is advisable to place smaller objects in the organizer so you can use the exterior sides to hold thin large items like notebooks and such. To prevent spilling, the bag comes with a zipper. This also adds protection for your important stuff. The top fold is secured with a hidden magnet, so you can be rest assured that it’s not going to come off that easily. Since Pursfection purse organizer can be removed as one piece, you can easily transfer all your stuff from one bag to another without removing them from the pockets and compartments.

However not everything is perfect for Pursfection, following summarize some of the complaint from users that have bought it from QVC

  1. Pocket sizes are too small making it hard to insert wallets and organize stuff
  2. Material used is poor and flimsy
  3. Weight, many users have complained that the material used to make the organizer being cheap and heavy. As a result adding more weight to the handbag
  4. Poor Quality for the zipper, the zipper does not work well
  5. Poor structured so the purse organizer does not stand well
  6. Sizes, the organizer only has one size for sale. Its current dimensions are based on an average sized bag so it doesn’t do well for very large totes.
  7. Interior Color, all interior skin comes with prints except for the cabernet, so there can be discord in the interior aesthetics if your bag has a plain interior color and you want it to remain that way.

Pursefection portable interior

The purse organizer comes in five different color combinations namely pink & leopard, leopard & tan, black cabernet, black & leopard and silver & chevron. The first name in the pair represents the exterior color while the second part is the interior’s design. With these choices, you can easily match all the common bag color schemes if you’re the type who likes to match everything.

For roughly $20, you can get the Pursfection purse organizer that can fit in medium to semi-large bags. Worry no more about having a messy bag with its 12-pocket interior. Protect your gadgets and separate your documents easily with a removable divider that can serve as a second closed compartment for all your important belongings.