Reviews on In.Bag Handbag Organizer by ContainerStore

Organization is a major problem in large handbags without partitions or compartments inside. Since there will always be different things you need to carry each day, the typical interior of your bag always looks like a mess. If you think your bag is a bottomless pit, think about getting an organizer insert. I’ll be focusing on the in.Bag handbag organizer that has been attracting a lot of attention since the hype on purse inserts started.

To begin with, the in.Bag handbag purse organizer has seven interior compartments and two side pockets. It comes in brown animal print and black polka dots. It has integrated handles so you can easily lift the entire insert onto your next bag. Moreover, it can be expanded from a 3-inch wide insert to a 6-inch one – perfect for really large rounded totes or LV Speedy designs.

There are several things that make it a downer though. For one, it only comes in two colors, so there’s nothing much to do if you want to mix and match. The price is actually a little bit higher compared to similar products, but I guess they compensated that with the extendable feature. The problem is it isn’t rigid enough to stay in shape. It looks fine and extended when the bag is open, but when you close the bag, it closes too. What’s more, it doesn’t open again the next time you check inside.

In terms of structure, the in.Bag handbag organizer has a lot of pockets so you can place a lot of stuff. It lacks a place for keys and pens, so you’ll have to make-do with inserting them in one of the compartments. The insert is made of polyester, a durable material and good for routine use. Cleaning can only be done by wiping it with a wet wipe or any clean damp cloth. It is not washable due to the structural supports inside so it is best to be careful not to spill anything on it.

The insert alone weighs approximately 6.3 ounces, which is light enough for you not to feel any added weight when used. The handles make transferring to another bag easier. At a length of 10 inches, it can accommodate most documents inserted vertically like planners and folders.

If you are looking for an insert that can fit in both narrow and wide bags, the in.Bag handbag organizer is a smart choice. Due to its extendable feature, it is very versatile. The design and materials are guaranteed to last for years even with daily use. It’s the right organizer for women with very active lifestyles and careers.