Reviews on Raincoat for handbags

If you owned a Birkin handbag, you would probably know what a purse rain cover is. It is transparent plastic cover that you put over your purse to prevent it from getting wet on a rainy day. As we all know rain water can be very damaging to your handbag as it may leave rain spot and mark if not clean immediately. That is why all purse lovers should own a raincoat for handbag that can come in handy on a rainy and snowy day. I was surprised to learn that CloverSac design this interesting product as well. Below is how their raincoat for handbags looks like after it is fitted inside a handbag.


It comes with a small pouch while you can keep it when it is not in use. The material used to make this handbag raincoat is PEVA, which is the same material that you used to make umbrella. This is to ensure that is it is 100% waterproof.

To fit this raincoat onto your handbag, you first have open the Velcro fastener above.

Handbag raincoat by CloverSac

Then you seal the Velcro fastener on the top

Handbag raincoat by CloverSac

Seal it completely to ensure that it is fully protected.

Handbag raincoat by CloverSac

The dimension of this handbag raincoat by CloverSac is 60 cm in length and 45 cm in height. It should be able to fit into any mid-sized purses

The thing I love most about this purse rain cover is, it is one of the first purse rain cover manufacturer that actually provide waterproof double zip lock bags for easy storage. Check out the pictures below. You can now store your drenched purse rain cover inside this bag after using it.

Purse-rain-cover-CloverSac-Zip-lock-bag-2b Purse-rain-cover-CloverSac-Zip-lock-bag-3

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