Samorga – Purse Organizer Reviews

Making a big purchase is in some sort risky. You have to spend a good amount of cash for something that you don’t even know if it’s really functional or not. But for a Samorga bag organizer insert, your money will all be worth it!

Key features:

  • Well-made felt handbag organizer
  • The material (felt) is very thick and sturdy
  • Multiple pockets for different items
  • Attached with Velcro: middle section can be removable
  • Space is distributed proportionally and evenly
  • Comes with different sizes for specific bags

Pros and Cons:

Samorga bag organizers are all hand-made and shipped out from Korea. Ms Kim who is the founder of Samorga started this handy craft business by selling at ETSY. Her bag organizer slowly gain popularity and now she is selling via her own website. Samorga bag organizers are all made of felt, which makes it very thick and sturdy. It doesn’t only helps you organize your things, but it also makes your bag in proper shape.


Its size is properly proportioned to the items you want to load. The middle section is removable, so if you want an iPad or a larger journal to be added in, you can easily remove it. It has multiple pockets perfect for a lot of items you want to load up. Each pocket is perfectly sized for cell phones, sunglass cases, lipsticks, checking books and other stuff. Its sturdiness doesn’t make it lousy, thus organizes your things in a proper way and not letting your things mess up.

Each Samorga bag organizer insert can be specifically sized for a Celine or Louis Vuitton bag. But you don’t have to worry if you don’t have a Celine, because there are other general-sized organizers.

For a price of more or less $35 with an additional shipping fee, buying a Samorga bag organizer insert is feasible in order to organize your things, as well as protect the bag’s interior. It also maintains the bag’s shape.

What we do not like about Samorga

  1. Felt may not be the best material as the fabric will drop over time
  2. It is not washable