Shining monkey fabric protector review

The Shining Monkey Fabric Protector is a formulated shield spray designed specifically for vehicle interiors. Nevertheless, its description states that it’s “Easy to use, heavy duty protection, dries odor-free, longer lasting, great for fine leather, safe for all fabrics!” This is probably why others have ventured using this product on their various leather goods.   And now, it is gaining popularity for the protection of designer bags. From automotive interiors to designer brands, this flexible fabric protector is gaining ground.   But just how much ground has it covered? Let’s see what users from the popular PurseBlog Forum and buyers who have bought it at Amazon and use it on their handbags have to say on this product.

Among the many positive feedback on the use of Shining Monkey is mostly about it being a “great success” or doing an “absolutely fantastic job” or similar sentiments on the following: “designer purses and wallets, LV leather, LV vachetta leather, Entire Vuitton Collection, HH, suede, LV Viva Cite, LV Totally PM, NF and Multicolor Alma.” On her virgin vachetta, one buyer said that after drying it looked like virgin vachetta again and it developed a “beautiful even light patina.” A similar experience was relayed by another on her Ebene bag which developed a “perfect caramel” patina. Another comment was on her denim speedy, and she said that when coffee was spilled on it, wiping off was enough to bring the bag back to its original beauty.

Other positive comments about the fabric protector were: “Doesn’t cause any discoloration;” “Can’t tell it is on;” “Dries quickly, in 1-2 minutes, and dries back to the original color;” “Great protection from water;” and “Perfect if you want your bag looking good and free of water stains.” Others noted that it works well on shoes too.

Next, let’s look at the response of some not so happy buyers of the product. One simply said it”works well with all her bags” except her “Epi leather.” Another said it was “drying up her vachetta.”   One buyer said her “Coach glam tote got damaged, it ruined the finishes on all the leather and dulled the metallic thread.” Yet, other comments were that it “Speckled and dulled the patent leather and regular leather;” it “destroyed the finish on the metallic coach tag;” and “the patina on an LV became grayish” instead of a golden hue.   One user said that using her Manhattan PM which she had applied the product to, caused her right arm to “break out” and after shifting to her bag to her other arm, her left arm became “red and bumpy.”

Some comments were to provide some advice or warnings to note regarding the product.  They said that: “The product does not clean vachetta, it only protects;” “The product discolors plastic;” “It has a strong odor,” hence, application should be done outdoors. Another is that the product can cause “skin irritation.”   Finally, one warns that an “active ingredient in the product is heptane which is extremely flammable.”

This fabric protector does have its pros and cons. Use your better judgment. The level of trust you put on this product will be based upon your own discretion (Though notably many did put theirs into this product.). Also, remember to take note of instructions and warnings and to always exercise caution.