Top 5 Most Popular Purse Organizer Insert

Purse organizer Inserts (also know as Bag Organizers) are widely used by bag lovers these days to keep the items in their bag organized and clean from pen mark and stain left by the items they put inside their bag. There are many every types of bag organizers out there, they come in various sizes, colors, material and prices. Some bag organizer can be as cheap as $5 each while a customize one can cost up to $80. In general the purse organizer inserts market is classified in term of prices as follow:

  • Premier Brand: This include plan such Titamar or designer bags that designed their own bag organzier HERMES BIRKIN BAG Organizer Fourbi. Extremely High price. $$$$
  • Popular Brand : CloverSac, PursetoGo and Chameleon Inserts. These brands are made famous by comments and reviews via purseblog (forum). Sold online in Singapore, US and Europe. Prices mid-range. $$
  • Customised Bag Organizer: Customised bag organizer are mostly vendors that built to order. There are two popular brands : Samorga and Divide and Conquer – These bag organizer used to be sold via Esty (online market place for handy craft). Samorga is Korean-based while Divide and Conquer is US based. Pricing is higher however it is able to customise to fit into any bag size nicely. $$$
  • Cheap Mass Market: Muji, Lugmax. These do not have a strong brand identity. There are loosely OEM to any brands. Cheap but no strong market presence. $

If you are planning to look out for a bag organizer, following are top 5 most popular purse organizer insert that are most talked about in bag forums.

Bag Organizer Review


CloverSac launches it is long awaited purse organizer insert named “Emma 28” on 1st March 2015.With the purse organizer insert market crowded with already low priced and high-end bag organizers, CloverSac Emma 28 differentiates itself with its innovative sleek, light-weight and structured design.

Emma 28 has a total 6 internal side pockets, 4 middle compartment slots and 3 external pockets. Its middle compartment is one of the few purse inserts in the market that can hold a water bottle firmly. The middle compartment pocket which acts as middle partition and can also be removed easily if more space is needed.

Detail Specification
– Dimensions : 11″L x 6″H x 5″W
– Weight without centre compartment, side and base structure cards : 150g
– Weight including centre compartment, side and base structure cards: 250 g
– Number of internal side pockets: 6
– Number of slots from middle compartment : 4
– Number of external pockets: 3
– Colour: Red/Brown

Price: USD$22.00

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CloverSac-Emma-28-Red-with-stuff-1000 CloverSac-Emma-28-beige-with-stuff-high1 Longchamp-1899 CloverSac-Emma-28-beige-with-stuff-inside1

remove-centre1 removable-centre-compartment2

Purse to Go

Purse to Go bag organizer insert design is completely different from most bag organizer out there. It adopt a more bucket design than boxy. This design comes in various sizes from small all the Extra Jumbo size. Following are the sizes and weight for the Bucket type.

  • Small Size: 9″L x 4.5″H x 2.5″W – 6 Pockets – 2 oz , Priced from US$15.95 to $20.95
  • Large Size: 12″L x 6″H x 3.5″W – 7 Pockets 2.5 oz, Priced from US$19 to $22
  • Jumbo Size: 15″L x 7.5″H x 4″W – 8 Pockets 3.5 oz, Priced from US$20 to $23
  • Extra Jumbo Size: 18″L x 9″H x 6″W – 7 Pockets – 6 oz, Priced from US$22.95 to $27.95

Purse to Go also have another set of design which is the Boxy range. These boxy purse insert comes in the following sizes and weight

  • Boxy-Small: 12″L x 8″H x 5″W – zipper pocket + 10 pockets – 6 oz , US$34.95
  • Boxy-Large: 15″L x 10″H x 7″W – zipper pocket + 9 pockets – 10 oz, US$39.95

Besides the differences in overall design, Purse to Go is slightly heavier than CloverSac and Chameleon Insert as it chose Poly Silk in making its purse insert instead of Nylon. Following is how the Jumbo Size and Boxy-Small looks like





Chameleon Inserts

Chameleon Inserts is another popular brand that is most talked about when it comes to Purse Organizer Insert at Purseblog. Chameleon Inserts comes in various sizes and structure. Following are detail

  • Medium – 8″L x 4″W x 7″H Unstructured    US$15.00
  • Small – 8″L x 3″W x 5.5″H Structured    US$20.00
  • Medium – 8″L x 4″W x 7″H Structured    US$22.00
  • Large – 10″L x 5″W x 6.5″H Structured    US$25.00
  • Extra Large – 12″L x 6″W x 7″H    US$27.00
  • Extra Large Wide – 12″L x 6″W x 10″H    US$25.00

Each of the size comes in various color,  Black, Cream, Silver, Tan, Brown, Red, Purple, Pink, Lime and Orange

Following is how the Chameleon Inserts Extra Large looks like





Samorga purse organizer insert key differentiation against other bag organizers out is the material that is used to make their bag organizer . All Samorga bag organizers are made from felt material. Unlike CloverSac, Chameleon Inserts and Purse to Go that are mass produce in factory, Samorga are all handmade. This partly explain why Samorga purse organizer inserts are generally more expensive compared to CloverSac, Purse to Go and Chameleon Inserts. Each organizer is priced between $30 to $80 depending on the size and bag model it is used for. Delivery is fast consider they are handmade, takes about 2 to 5 business days to ship out your order from South Korea. As they are all handmade, they allow customisation as well.

Divide and Conquer

Divide and Conquer’s Purse Organizers like Samorga are handmade as well. Made popular from their online store at Esty, each organizer is priced between $4o to$80 as well depending on the sizes. Another unqiue selling point for Divide and Conquer is as they are all handmade, it can come in various design, size and material pattern however prepare to wait for 2 to 3 weeks for delivery from USA. Feedback on their Esty has been nothing for great so if you have the capacity to wait and budget, you may consider Divide and Conquer Bag Inserts.